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Performance of students is evaluated and results are declared by the Controller of Examinations. Continuous evaluation is declared within one week of completion of respective course. End term results are declared within one week of completion of examinations concerned.

Evaluation Methodology

Aurora's Business School follows a 4.33 (13 Point Grade Scale) that is followed in Ivy League institutions like Stanford University and other reputed institutions across the world. It is used for evaluating the performance of the students in core courses, projects as well as in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for a program or a course will be calculated as the average of the Grade Points secured in each of the components of the course measured by the weightage allocated to that component by the faculty.

S.No. Grade Point
1 A+ 4.33
2 A 4
3 A- 3.67
4 B+ 3.33
5 B 3
6 B- 2.67
7 C+ 2.33
8 C 2
9 C- 1.67
10 D+ 1.33
11 D 1
12 D- 0.67
13 F 0

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